Do you have a basket you love?

Then join us for our Basket Celebration on November 12 from 1-3pm! Admission will be half off during this event. We will be hosting a basket share where visitors can bring their own favorite basket and share it with others. You can bring any basket that is special to you, it does not have to be one that you have made yourself. In fact, you don’t even have to know how to weave to participate!

We will also have family friendly weaving activities available. From weaving on a plastic basket to creating a 3D woven heart, there will be something for all ages to enjoy.

Don’t forget that you can explore our Standing the Test of Time: Kentucky’s White Oak Basket Tradition exhibit while you are here, too, along with our other exhibits. Maybe you will find other baskets similar to your favorite, or maybe something totally new! A wide variety of baskets are on display for you to enjoy. You can learn about how the materials are prepared, the role basket making has played in the lives of the Mammoth Cave area communities, and how the tradition is being continued today.

There will be lots to enjoy, so we hope to see you there!

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