There’s S(no)w Place Like WKU!

Welcome back! And welcome to a winter wonderland. After being closed for the weekend due to the winter weather, and the first day of classes canceled we are so glad to have the students back on campus and to have a bit of warmer weather.


Although, Abe is still looking a bit chilly!

Luckily though, inside is nice and toasty and filled with excitement as we welcome a new piece to our Instruments of American Excellence exhibit.

We are proud to showcase, one Lex Luther’sIMG_5982 suites from the hit TV series, Smallville, played by Michael Rosenbaum, a WKU alumni. Lex Luther is an iconic supervillian who has appeared in many of the D.C. Comics and on the TV show as Superman’s archenemy.

A 1995 graduate, Rosenbaum, partook in many different activities while enrolled on the hill. He was in musicals and plays with the theatre department, auditioned to be a WKU TV anchor and tried to be a sports anchor. In the end, he felt most at home performing and contributes his success to WKU. “Experience is confidence—when you have that you can do anything,” Rosenbaum said. “It’s all about being brave, and WKU had everything I needed.”

The Kentucky museum is open Monday-Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 1-4, we hope you can come by and see our very own Supervillian suite worn by our very own grad.

Written by: Chandler Smith, The Kentucky Museum- Education Department

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