Quilt Squares with the Greeks

Blog Post Written By: Chandler Smith

If you happened to stroll into the Kentucky Museum this past Saturday you may have noticed quite a few more students, quite a few more stitch letter shirts, and quite a few more quilt squares being created. This was all thanks to our event, Quilt Squares with the WKU Greeks!


In partnership with our exhibit, Conscience of the Human Spirit; The Life of Nelson, we invited the WKU Greek Community to come and partake in our show. Not only by viewing the quilt squares but, also by crafting their own. After touring the display, sorority members headed downstairs to the Garden Gallery where they began their creative process.

There each women was given a piece of canvas, paint markers and the instructions to design a quilt square inspired by Nelson Mandela or by what leadership is to you. With these simple guidelines, we had great work produced that we can’t wait to display! Our plan for student created quilt squares is to showcase them in the same area as our Mandela exhibit, adding to the exhibit’s beauty and uniqueness. For their time given towards our project, members were given community service hours and our extreme gratitude. We had a great time hosting this event and hope to be able have more such as this in the future.


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